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RIEGER Aseptic Valves


Aseptic valves

The valve body of the RIEGER aseptic valves is hermetically sealed from the environment, thus ensuring the perfect protection for your liquid product. The pocket-free design of the valve body and the optimum surface make it an indispensable part of sterile process engineering in food technology and pharmaceuticals. Thanks to the modular design the reconstruction of aseptic into hygienic version, of "air to open" on "air to closed", of liquid on fibrous and particulate media no problem. The dimensions can be adapted to local conditions. Even under special conditions such as high sterilization temperatures RIEGER Aseptic valves meet all requirements regarding reliability and reliable operation.

Tightness outwards and inwards by helium leak test (TA-Luft certified) has been exemplarily tested on bottom seat and BioCheck sampling valve.

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