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NEUMO Check Valves for Pharmaceutical and Aseptic Applications


cGMP Check Valves for Pharmaceutical and Aseptic Applications

Benefits of the NEUMO check valves with :
Constructive Benefits (type VC / HVC)
• cGMP-compliant design and construction
• excellent anti-fouling characteristics
• virtually no dead space
• pharmaceutical grade surface finish
• uniform flow profile
• optimal cleanability
Technical Benefits
• no springs or membranes
• sophisticated state of the art design
• ingenuously simple structure with one
movable part
• axial guidance of the due to
housing shape
Economic Benefits
• maintenance costs and downtime of
pharmaceutical facilities are reduced
• no need for orifice plates or expensive
sensors to monitor flow rates
• minimising the risks of process disturbances
NEUMO check valves and their
unique shut-off element provide
optimal results when being used:
• to prevent reflow of condensate
• in ultra-pure steam, ultra-pure water and
WFI systems
• to protect sensitive sterile pumps and
instruments from surges in presure
• in sampling systems for supplying WFI and
ultra-pure water
• in compressed air flushing and pressure
flushing in sterile areas
Check Valves fulfil the following fundamental technical requirements:
• pressure- resp. flow- dependent on-off
• self-acting, without external actuator
• outlet in one flow direction only
• flow is blocked in the opposite direction
• quick reaction times
• reflow prevention
• protects pumps and instruments from water
In compliance with cGMP (Current Good
Manufacturing Practice) regulations, the
following requirements come along
when the valves are being used in the
pharmaceutical industry and sterile
• avoidance of contamination
and cross contamination
• no fouling
• optimum cleaning capability
• low differential pressure
cGMP Check Valves for Pharmaceutical and Aseptic Applications

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